11 Fun Earth Day Activities

11 Fun Earth Day Activities

As many of you know, Earth Day was yesterday.  Did you do anything fun?  If not, or if you are wishing to prolong your appreciation for this planet we all call home, this entire week here on the blog we will be celebrating Earth Day all week with some fun activities, tips, and ideas.

Kicking off the fun today, we are going to share 11 Fun Earth Day that you can do on your own or with your family to show your appreciation for Earth.

11 Fun Earth Day Activities



Earth Day Cookies

Seed Bombs

Stained Glass Earth Sun Catchers

Water Cycle in a Bag

Earth Day Crayons

Mason Jar Terrariums 

Balloon Stamping

Printable Recycling Game

Shaving Cream Marbled Earth


Salt Dough Earth Necklaces

Earth Day Lava Lamps